About Us

Our Consultancy centres around offering the services of PED’s Managing Director, John A Pickering, who is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and holds a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. With over 40 years involvement across a spread of engineering industries John’s experience covers ‘Pipe Stress Analysis and Mechanical Design’ within the Aerospace, Pressure Vessel and Storage Tank, Nuclear Power Station and Reprocessing Plant, Product Design, Piping and Consultancy Management fields.


Over PED’s 34 years of Trading, the Consultancy Service has extended to the coordination of small teams of consultants, engineers and designers. Our Services have covered Mechanical Design, Stress Analysis, Pipe Stress Analysis, Project Management, Pressure Vessel and Storage Tank Design, Finite Element Analysis, Site Surveys, Seismic Design and Structural Assessment. To date, assignments have been successfully completed for well known companies in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Power Generation, Nuclear, Fabrication, Manufacturing and General Engineering fields.


In many cases, satisfaction has been expressed with our thoroughness of approach, clarity and standard of documentation and presentation, observance of good quality assurance practice as well as our ability to meet cost and timescale requirements. This, together with accurate interpretation of our Client’s needs at the outset and with close liaison throughout project duration ensure our continued achievement of Client satisfaction.

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