For Pipe Stress Analysis rely on a proven Mechanical Design Consultants

For more than 34 years, Pickering Engineering Design Ltd has provided a broad variety of Mechanical Design Consultancy Services. Skilled and Experienced, our company specialises in Pipe Stress Analysis.

Our Pipe Stress Analysis Service

During PED’s 34 year Trading Period, one service has been foremost throughout that time namely, Pipe Stress Analysis. Hundreds of Pipe Lines have been formally analysed by PED using dedicated Pipe Stress Analysis Software and in accordance with International Piping Design Codes. Solutions have been found, by means of numerous Iterative Analysis Trials, for each Pipe Line and Pipe System to ensure Safe Design and full Compliance with the ‘Pressure Systems Regulations’. Typical stages of this Service are set out below for information purposes.

A 3-Stage Process

A Typical ‘Scope of Work’ for a PED Pipe Stress Analysis Project:

  • Stage 1: The Stage 1 Analysis covers the Initial Modelling and Preliminary Pipe Stress Analysis of the Pipework included in the Project. Provisional feedback is provided to the Client.
  • Stage 2: The Stage 2 Analysis covers the Final Modelling and the Pipe Stress Analysis of the pipework under consideration with the inclusion of the agreed adjustments (if practical) found from the Stage 1 and 2 Analyses. Preliminary copies of the Marked-Up Model Plots are issued to the Client and these specify the Support and Pipe Configuration ‘Solution’ for the Pipework. Preliminary Support and Equipment Loadings are also issued at this point. This Stage includes the Post Processing of the Results and the writing of formal Analysis Reports. Once completed the Reports are formally issued to the Client together with additional sets of the Marked-Up Plots.
  • Stage 3: The Stage 3 work covers further liaison with the Client to confirm and check the interpretation of the provided Specifications for the ‘Solution’ in terms of Supports and Pipework Configurations. For example, this would include PED reviewing the Support Detail and associated Steelwork Drawings together with the Pipework Isometrics. It may also include, if required, Site Visits for PED to Review the Installation.

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